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Seka standing with her arms crossedThis page features some very rare Seka photos, including pics that were used in a line of poker cards featuring Seka on each. You can only imagine how hard it would be to focus on playing cards staring at the lovely Seka in hardcore action. The ace of spades was Seka getting fucked in missionary position on the floor next to a piano. You can see that photo below. This page also includes some very rare photos of Seka entitled "Young Seka" where the Platinum Princess has curly hair, a seldom seen look for the sultry adult legend. Six of the photos toward the bottom of this page show a fabulously in-shape Seka delivering sheer pleasure to two men in a pulse pounding three-some. Of course, Seka dominates. There's even photos on this page of Seka with ex-husband Ken, plus another threesome with a couple besides themselves with unbelief that they are actually having sex with Seka.

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  Seka enjoys a 69 action    Seka is devoured by two skinny dudes    Seka looks at herself in the mirror    Seka controls the sex action    Seka makes two guys come at once    Seka welcomes John Leslie to her home

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