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Seka standing with her arms crossedThis classic Seka site contains several hundred hardcore and glamour photos of porn legend Seka. The Platinum Princess is seen below in some of her early adult performances. Seka wore a trademark scarf during her sex scenes to go along with the world famous Seka platinum hair and, of course, that amazing body. Seka was the sexiest lady on the planet in the 1970s and early 1980s. One look from Seka and cocks were hard and ready to cum. One touch from Seka sent shivers all over her male partner's bodies. Men were shocked at the possibility of being picked to fuck this legend. Seka always delivered sensational performances. Seka had a way about her; a look; a strut; the way she moved her body. Whatever it was Seka had it; Seka was the fantasy girl, the sexual desire of men around the world. Enjoy the over 80 photos of Seka below and the click page 3 to see more.


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Seka at the Classic Porn Movie Archive

Hardcore at 52

A veteran porn star opens her legs again in Kansas City.

Published on February 07, 2007 at 10:12am

If you've spotted a middle-aged woman around town whom you'd swear you've seen in a threesome, it wasn't a flashback. It probably was porn star Seka, who relocated from Chicago to Kansas City two years ago.

Seka retired from adult films in the early 1990s, but at 52 years old, she's making a comeback. We sat down with Seka at the Bulldog, where she sipped a glass of red wine and talked about getting screwed on-camera again.

ThePitch: Why Kansas City?

Seka:The cost of living is a lot better here. And I got tired of paying the city all my money. You get more bang for your buck in Kansas City.

You recently shot your first hardcore scene in roughly 15 years. Why get back into it?

Because I can make a lot of money on it. That and I always enjoyed doing it. Plus the fact that I was getting a great demand from the e-mails I was receiving from not only members but also people who just go to the Web site and click on the content button and say, "We haven't seen anything of you in years. When are you going to do something?"

How have fans reacted to seeing current photos of you?

They like them. They really like them. I was reluctant to even do that, but anyone who has Web pages knows it's like feeding a hungry beast. I was getting a lot of requests from members who wanted to see what I looked like now. And the response was overwhelmingly good, very few bad, which was a little boost for my ego at 52.

How did you prepare?

Well, you make sure the lighting is as good as you can make it for where you are. You try to wear the right kind of clothing, and you have your flaws, so you try to hide them as best you can. Then you use a little Photoshop.

How did you approach your partner for the scene?

I said, "I want to use your cock." I knew the person, and we were great friends and had been intimate before. I have one person I work with, and that's it, and you'll never see his face. Because I don't want anyone to know who it is. He's going to be known as "The Unknown Cock." It adds intrigue.

What's more desirable about you now?

A lot of younger men like older women. I have young men hitting on me all the time. I just did the AVN [Adult Video News] show in Las Vegas, and it generates thousands of people. I would have guys [ages] 22, 25, 35 coming up to my booth going, "My God, you look awesome," and dropping their phone numbers and giving me their card.

Why did you stay out of the business for so long?

I wasn't getting paid what I wanted to get paid. And I wasn't going to do it for nearly nothing. I was being paid a lot more [than the average performer], but it's not enough. The adult industry is a billion-dollar-a-year business, and they go through men and women like it's nothing. The longevity is maybe three years. And I've been in for 30. You have to think enough of yourself to say no to people and to the things you don't want to do. I wouldn't do bondage scenes. If there was an actor or actress I didn't want to work with, I said no.

What's different about sex scenes today?

It's all gotten progressively more violent and rough and no story. There are a lot of people out there who want to see a beginning, a middle and an end. They don't want to see a whole lot of it, but it's like foreplay. They want to be tantalized and teased a little bit. Not for a half an hour, not Gone With the Wind, for God's sake.

Any plans to retire? At 52, you might be pushing it.

I don't think I'm pushing it now. Of course, there's going to be a time when I can't do it. I've got a mirror that I see myself in every morning. Will I ever be out of the business completely? I doubt it.

Seka at the Classic Porn Movie Archive